See Heaven On Earth And Balance The Spiritual And Physical Aspects Of Your Life


See Heaven On Earth And Balance The Spiritual And Physical Aspects Of Your Life

Many people wonder, and many people debate this – does heaven exist?

Is there an afterlife? Is there a place where the good and worthy are transported to after their mortal deaths?

One of my favorite songs from the 1980s is one by Belinda Carlisle – “Heaven is a place on Earth“. And Wayne Dyer, in his book “Being in Balance“, tells us that if we do not see Heaven in our daily lives, and if we do not feel as though we are in a heavenly world, then we are not in balance – we have probably been too focused on our physical existence in a physical world, with not enough or even no attention given to the “Heavenly part”.

Here, according to Dyer, are some “symptoms” when a person is placing too much focus and energy on the physical, material world.

* Always worried about one’s “stuff”.

* Feeling like one can “never get ahead in the game of life.”

* Always focused on what one possesses or does not have.

* One assesses one’s own worth through the accumulation of material wealth and possessions – such as how much one earns, what brand of car one drives, etc.

* One places a lot of focus on defeating others, on being the best, on becoming number one.

* One tends to look at life in a shallow and superficial way, whereby more value is placed upon the appearance rather than the innate substance of something.

* One often lives life living up to standards which are externally obtained, i.e. what other people think and say.

* One tends to spend a lot of time and energy on financial concerns. Everything seems to revolve around money. Want me to do a job – how much does it pay? How happy am I – how much am I earning and how much do I have in the bank? How successful am I – how much cash have I accumulated? What is my value as a human being – what is my salary and what is the size of my car and house? There’s an obsession on the present and potential future cash valuations of everything.

* One tends to carry debts, as one’s desire for bigger and better everything leads one to take on loans to finance such pursuits.

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