Use Your Thought Energies To Choose Peace Over Hatred, War And Violence


Use Your Thought Energies To Choose Peace Over Hatred, War And Violence

There is so much hatred in this world, it is truly quite astounding, and messages are always driven into our heads about who we should hate, be they nationalities, races, or other groups of people.

But you have a choice – you could choose to align your thought energies with your desire to live in a peaceful world.

Wayne Dyer, in his book “Being in Balance“, tells us that when we hate something, when we detest an enemy, we are in fact fuelling that enemy and contributing to the problem. A force produces a counterforce, hatred invokes revenge, an attack triggers a counterattack, and so on. I could even cite a law of physics on this, courtesy of Isaac Newton: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What we have then, is a vicious cycle of negativity, building upon itself and spiraling out of control.

Again, the Law of Attraction is at work here – you attract more of what you think about, so rather than dwell on thoughts of hatred, or allow yourself to be affected or even consumed by them, you should instead align your though patterns with your desire for a peaceful world.

It sure isn’t easy dealing with all the bad news that keeps boiling up all over the world, publicized and trumpeted by a profit-driven mass media. To help himself face this, Dyer reminds himself that he wants to feel good, that he did not “sign up for war or warlike thoughts.” He tells himself that he is an instrument of peace, and he sends out loving and peaceful thoughts to the persons and places around the world which need them badly. And he tells himself that he does not want to align with negative energies which focus on hatred. If, on the other hand, you allow yourself to dwell on fear, hatred and anger, you will produce a reaction, a negative one, such as wanting to strike back or take revenge. What has happened, then, is that you are contributing to the whole cycle of hatred. Certainly not a good thing.

Bad news is able to perpetuate their negative energy because of the attention which they receive. Imagine if no one reported them, and no one read them, but we instead focused on the positive aspects of a situation – tending to the sick and injured, extending help to the victims of a disaster, etc. Dyer encourages us to break the cycle of violence, not by detesting and going against violence, but by “being your own instrument of peace.”

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