Attract Love By Being Love And Letting It Flow Out


Attract Love By Being Love And Letting It Flow Out

We all want to experience love, to feel an abundance of love flowing into our lives.

But here’s the catch – you can’t actually get love by demanding it, nor by “seeking it from outside of yourself.”

Here are some lessons on love which I learnt from Wayne Dyer‘s book, “Being in Balance“.

Are you lacking love in your life? Do you think it is because others do not appreciate you, or do you think that the world is generally an unloving place? But you can’t hope to receive more love by waiting for others or for the world to change; by doing so, you would be surrendering control of your life. Instead, you need to align your thought patterns to your desires – in this case, your desire for love.

Are you often consumed by thoughts such as “I’m too ugly for love”, or “I don’t deserve love”, or “No one will love me”, or “I will never be able to keep a long-term relationship going”, etc? If so, then you are simply manifesting lovelessness in your life through your negative thought patterns.

You need to realign your thinking patterns and harness the Law of Attraction. And the first thing you need to do is to stop looking for love. Why is that so? Because, by searching for love, the underlying mental state is that you do not have love. In this way, the Law of Attraction works negatively for you, and you end up attracting more lovelessness into your life.

So, rather than continue on a voyage and looking for love as though it is some sort of treasure, you need to replace these thought patterns with what Wayne Dyer calls an “energy of loving thoughts – an internal knowing about receiving love.” Your creator IS love, and when you desire love, you are really seeking your creator. Once you become conscious of this reality, you will realize that looking for love outside of yourself is futile – you can’t find it outside because you already are it.

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