Reaching Balance Between Peace And Productivity, Stress And Success


Reaching Balance Between Peace And Productivity, Stress And Success

Do you want to live a slow, relaxing, peaceful, enjoyable life? I know I do.

At the same time, do you want to achieve things, to attain success, to earn a living, to make money, and what not? I certainly do, too.

How, then, do we strike a balance between these two seemingly contradictory pursuits?

Wayne Dyer tells us, in his book “Being in Balance”, that the way to address this imbalance is to be aware of the fact that stress does not actually exist; instead, it’s only a case of people allowing themselves to think stressful thoughts.

Stress isn’t something physical or tangible. It can’t be bottled, seen, or touched – it’s basically just something that is within each one of us. Yet stress is also something very real, with millions of people worldwide suffering physiological symptoms which arise because of stress, and many among these people taking some sort of medical drugs or another to deal with these adverse symptoms.

Just imagine how many of us are stuck in a cycle of working hard and working harder, trying our best to go at it and to attain success, but yet we feel like we are on a running wheel that never stops, and we do not enjoy our lives. Question – what’s the point, then?

If you feel that you are burning yourself out, that you are going nowhere, then it’s time to reassess your situation. Where do you start?

Wayne Dyer tells us that it’s not about specific things and activities which you can do. While yoga, meditation, exercise, walks along the beach, etc, will help you to relieve stress, they are basically only part of a fire fighting exercise when you continue to practice patterns such as wanting to win at all costs, wanting to go faster, wanting more, etc.

Thinking patterns such as “I’m stressed out”, “There’s too much to do”, “There are many people chasing me for all sorts of submissions”, etc, are, obviously, not peaceful thoughts, and they will continue to bring stress into your life. Dyer reminds us that thoughts of anger, fear and scarcity will, because of the Law of Attraction, bring these very elements into your life. That’s stressful!

The most critical thing is to learn how to bring your thoughts in line with the things you desire in your life, so that the former can help to attract the latter.

Here is a quote which Dyer shares with us.

“There is nothing to do. Just be. Do nothing. Be. No climbing mountains and sitting in caves. I do not even say ‘be yourself‘ since you do not know yourself. Just be.”

Dyer tells us that as we practice the correct principles “to realign with a vibration that matches your desire for a tranquil, peaceful life, you’ll become more conscious of your thoughts.”

Here are some important principles.


You don’t receive peace, or feel peace when you slow your life down. Peace is something which you are able to be, to bring to every event every day of your life. Peace is within you. It isn’t dependent on where you are, who you are with, how noisy the place is, or how many people are around you. Again, peace is inside you. You are peace. Don’t bring peace, wait for peace, fight for peace; instead, BE peace.

So, is it a simple matter of thinking peaceful thoughts when faced with anxiety and chaos? Not really, says Dyer.

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