7 Mental Patterns To Change If You Wish To Attract Abundance And Prosperity


7 Mental Patterns To Change If You Wish To Attract Abundance And Prosperity

Can you learn about light by analyzing darkness, which is the lack of light? Not really.

Focusing and thinking about what you DON’T have, rather than what you DO have – that’s something many of us do.

Do you have discussions with other people revolving around what is missing in your life?

Do you go about complaining and whining about what you don’t have and how various factors and elements have stopped you from having more?

Are you getting stuck in the thinking that you’ve been plain unlucky, time and time again, and that life has been unfair to you?

Wayne Dyer, in his book “Being in Balance“, takes us through seven patterns which he feels are strong impediments against receiving abundance in life. In fact, he says that these thoughts “make the manifestation of prosperity virtually impossible.”

1. It’s Not God‘s Will

Believing that it is not God’s will for you to enjoy abundance.

But Dyer tells us that God made us, and God IS pure abundance – so why would we not enjoy abundance in life? After all, there is more than enough for everybody. Thus, the problem, so to speak, is with the person, and not anything to do with God’s will.

What you need to do is, when you find yourself producing such a thought pattern, to remind yourself that you are God’s creation, and God is abundant, and that “I must be what I came from.” If you are to be what you came from, does it not make sense that God, your creator, wants you to have and to enjoy abundance?

2. There Is Not Enough For Everyone

It is quite natural to think along the lines of “limited supply”. In other words, if there is a fixed amount of something, be it money or food, and a certain number of people, then logically, each person can only have a certain amount – if someone gets more than the “average” amount, then someone else will have to endure a corresponding below-average amount.

But Dyer encourages us to think about water from the ocean instead – the supply is quite literally infinite, and there is much more than enough for everybody. And he says that, because money is essentially just circulating and needs to “return to its source”, the supply won’t be affected no matter how much you take. Taking a lot from infinity does not reduce infinity – there is still an infinite amount left for everyone else.

Indeed, money, or “currency”, which means “to flow”, just goes round and round, and isn’t really used up or consumed, per se.

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