“In Memory” Tattoo Designs To Choose From And Issues To Consider When Getting Such Tattoos


“In Memory” Tattoo Designs To Choose From And Issues To Consider When Getting Such Tattoos

“In Memory” tattoo designs are becoming more popular as people decide that a tattoo is a gentle reminder of a loved one who has passed away, and one that will stay with them forever.

The simplest design uses just the name of the deceased and the dates of their birth and death, and can vary in size from a very small tattoo in an inconspicuous place to a large one on the arm or back.

A heart can be added to the design, either a large one with the name and dates enclosed, or a small one above or below the writing. Of course, the heart can stand alone as an “In Memory” tattoo design, and will only have meaning to the person who owns it.

Winged hearts are also popular, signifying a combination of hearts and angel wings, possibly meaning that the loved one is in heaven with the angels and continuing to keep watch over the person with the tattoo; a person who obviously loved, and still loves them.

Getting a portrait “In Memory” tattoo is a much more complicated procedure and should only be attempted by an expert tattoo artist. The finished result should accurately represent the loved one who has passed on, so great care must be taken when choosing the tattoo artist – make sure you ask to see examples of his or her work before you begin, as this kind of tattoo calls for someone who specializes in portrait tattoos.

Religious “In Memory” tattoos come in all kinds of designs and various sizes. One of the most popular is a simple crucifix with the name of the deceased written on it or on a ribbon wrapped around the cross. A pair of praying hands, sometimes holding a rosary, is also a popular choice for a religious tattoo.

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