Procrastination Strategies To Help You Get Going And Get Doing


Procrastination Strategies To Help You Get Going And Get Doing

Procrastination is a very bad habit to get into. It’s so easy to let things slide, and before you realize it, you have a dozen or so ‘projects’ to work on.

So you keep putting them off – and the list just seems to get longer and longer. I have a friend who is a professional organizer, and she tells me that most people have at least twenty projects that they plan to finish – soon.

I think the best way to begin is to make a list of all the things that need to be done. That is my number one procrastination strategy. Make your list – preferably before you go to bed. Hopefully your subconscious brain will be working on it while you sleep!

Put the most important item at the top and work down, ending with something that really can be put off until later. Take a look at the most important item and try to see how you can cut it into smaller, more manageable sections and begin to work on one section at a time.

Is there a task you need to do that can be done in five minutes? Perhaps there’s more than one? You know you have five minutes to spare, so take that time and complete the job. Those small steps are the best procrastination strategy you can utilize. Now, make a list for tomorrow.

If you’ve got into the habit of not returning phone messages at work, make that a priority from now on. You have to break all the bad habits you’ve acquired and train yourself to practice good habits. You have to realize that most of the problem is in your head. You’re physically capable of performing all of the tasks you’re avoiding; it’s just that you really don’t want to begin tackling them.

Do you procrastinate because you’re afraid you won’t be able to complete a task? Don’t let fear of failure turn you into a procrastinator. If this is the case, ask for help or advice from someone who you feel is better organized than you are.

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