Dating Tips For Teens To Have A Fun Yet Safe Time


Dating Tips For Teens To Have A Fun Yet Safe Time

Dating can be an exciting experience for teenagers. However, it can be fraught with problems and misunderstandings, while sometimes it can be dangerous.

One of the most important dating tips for teens is to try and make any first date into a group date with friends. Go bowling with the gang; go to a movie with a few other people; attend a local sports event; play mini golf; or have fun riding go-karts as a group.

Going out with friends puts less pressure on you and your date and helps to avoid awkward moments between you two. Let’s face it, you probably don’t know each other that well and if you’re a girl you don’t really know how he’s going to behave towards you – is he going to be a gentleman or a jerk? You should already know something about your date’s reputation and how he or she treats other people.

If you have reservations about your date, then don’t make plans to go out together unless you’re with a crowd. Your date should never pressure you into doing something you’re uncomfortable with, and you should never, ever accept a ride home from someone who’s been drinking or doing drugs. Phone home and ask your parents to pick you up, call a cab, or ask for a ride home from someone you trust.

One dating tip for teens is to be aware of your date’s attitude towards drugs and alcohol and the law in general. If he or she has a criminal record, then you know you shouldn’t even think about a date. Don’t go out with anyone who has a quick temper or is abusive and aggressive in any way. You don’t want your parents to have to pick you up at the police station as a result of bad judgment on your part!

One dating tip for teen girls is to make sure that your date picks you up at home and is introduced to your parents. While this may sound a little old-fashioned, it reassures your parents about your date and allows them to feel a little more comfortable about the person you are going out with. You should never date someone who doesn’t have the approval of your parents – if you know they won’t like your date, then don’t go out with him or her. Again, this sounds old fashioned, but it’s true; sometimes, parents have an instinct about these things! Boys should take a new date to meet their parents, too, as the same criteria applies.

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