Issues In An Older Man Younger Woman Relationship


Issues In An Older Man Younger Woman Relationship

An older man younger woman relationship is more common these days. However, there are still issues which need to be taken note of and addressed, and some of them are discussed here.

It used to be that an older man with a younger woman was looked upon as a ‘sugar daddy’; a man who plied the young lady with jewelry and furs so that she would accompany him wherever he went and make him the envy of his peers.

Nowadays, such a relationship is quite normal, with many young women preferring to have a relationship with a more mature partner who doesn’t want to play dating ‘games‘, and the older man feels younger in her company.

One of the issues in an older man younger woman relationship is whether or not they are going to have children together. The man may be much older and could even already have grown children of his own, in which case he won’t necessarily want to deal with toddlers on a daily basis. How old will he be when the child is 18?

On the other hand, an older man who is emotionally and financially secure may be more willing to start a family with a younger woman who is concerned about her biological time clock. Of course, this is something that should be discussed if the relationship becomes serious.

There really is such a thing as the ‘generation gap’! This is something to be taken note of and managed in older man younger woman relationships. He might feel nostalgic about the 1960′s, which to her is ancient history. There could also be a big difference in music, moral values and social activities. The older man might not be remotely interested in the latest ‘techie’ gadget, while the younger woman can’t live without her smart phone and laptop. There has to be a lot of give and take in an older man younger woman relationship, with both parties being flexible about their respective interests and their energy levels when it comes to going out dancing or participating in sports.

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