Short Friendship Poems – Simple Poetry For Special Friends


Short Friendship Poems – Simple Poetry For Special Friends

Friends are really special people, and poetry is a good way to express one’s feelings to one’s loved ones. Here are some sweet and short friendship poems to help you do just that.

Throughout life, we see different friends come and go, but there are usually a few that stick and stay as friends no matter what.

Even if the distance between the friends is great, all it takes is a phone call to delight in that friendship and continue to nourish and strengthen it. Some friends stay friends for a lifetime and some are friends simply for a season. Either way, friends are a blessing.

Here are some short friendship poems that you can enjoy. Perhaps you have a friend that you could send a card to and jot down one or several of these poems inside it to let them know how much you care for them. If you are creative, you can always write your own short friendship poems and give them as a token of appreciation to your friends as well.

Friends Till the End

Friends come and go but I have to say
I’m so glad that you’ve come my way
I think we’ll be friends till the end
I thank God that He did send
A kind-hearted soul to share this love
A one of a kind love sent from above

Dear Friend

Dear friend, you came into my life at just the right time
A time when I really needed someone to care
A time when life just got tough
I’m so grateful that you let me share

For friends always lend an open ear
To listen to hopes, dreams and even fears
You’re so kind and we have such fun
Your friendship has dried up my tears

An Awesome Friend

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I prayed for an awesome friend
And God sent me YOU!

Missing You

I miss you like a flower misses the rain
I miss you so much I may go insane
Life without my sweet friend is pretty bleak
So hurry back please, because we need to speak

Here For You

I’m here for you my friend, no matter what;
If you’re sad or lonely or mad,
See, you’re the best friend in the whole wide world;
The sweetest friend I’ve ever had.

Thank you for all you do and say.
You always make me smile.
I appreciate that even when things are busy,
You make time for me once in awhile.


You’re my treasure; this is true.
I never thought I’d have such a good friend as you.
You’re thoughtful, sweet, and are always there.
You take great lengths to show me that you care.

Thank you for being so selfless.
Without you my life would be a mess.
Let’s laugh and sing and enjoy each other always.
For I know you’ll be my dear friend all my days.

Thank You

You make me stronger than I thought I could be
You bring great joy to my life every day
When I’m just about to give up
You’re there to show me the way

Not many friends would do what you do
You go above and beyond
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Of you, my friend, I’m very fond

Did you enjoy any of the above short friendship poems? Feel free to let your creative juices and feelings flow and pen a short friendship poem or two of your own, too.

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