Dating Tips For Guys – Simple Yet Crucial Advice For Men On Dates


Dating Tips For Guys – Simple Yet Crucial Advice For Men On Dates

Dating is a difficult prospect for many people, not just men but also women. Now, when you have the best dating tips for guys at your disposal, you’ll greatly increase your chances of success in the dating field.

There are many dating tips for guys, but so much of it is geared toward very specific goals. The most important goal when it comes to any dating tips for guys is to provoke interest in you from your date.

Dress for the part

You may be one of those guys who likes to wear jeans and t-shirts all day long, or maybe you even prefer to go with the sweatshirt outfits. That doesn’t cut it when you’re on the dating scene. When you are trying to woo your date, dress nicely, as though you two are going out for dinner in a fancy restaurant, even if you’re just heading down to the local pub.

Women don’t have the same standards when it comes to judging a man early in the dating process as men do. For example, women don’t tend to put physical appearance as the highest priority, but you can bet they pay attention to what you wear. What you wear says a lot about the kind of person that you are. If you dress like a slob or someone who can’t be serious about a simple date, then she’ll see that as someone who isn’t going to take much of anything in his life seriously.

Act like a gentleman

Forget what you’ve heard about the women’s liberation movement of the past thirty or forty years. While women have been fighting for equality, they have been doing so where it pertains to working conditions and household lifestyles, not dating and being wooed by their man.

Holding doors for your date is a major plus; paying for the meal when you two go out shows that you can take care of her; giving her your coat if she’s cold – these are all things that men need to remember when they are dating. As far as dating tips for guys go, this one is up there as one of the most important.

Don’t cling

When you find a woman who really sparks your interest and you find yourself thinking about her all of the time, that doesn’t mean she’s feeling the same way. She may, but you need to balance interest with humility.

Don’t call her or text her five hundred times a day. Give her some space. In fact, it’s best to wait a few days before you call her again after a date, unless you two already made plans sooner.

Being clingy shows you up as being desperate, and when that happens, the woman tends to be turned off. Keep your cool, even if you think she’s way out of your league yet still likes you. The more passive you become, the more you inspire her to chase you.

These are just a few simple dating tips for guys, but when you heed them, you’ll find that your dating chances are likely to improve.

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