Long Distance Relationship Tips – Important Advice that Work


Long Distance Relationship Tips – Important Advice that Work

Are you seeking long distance relationship tips which can help your love life?

Modern technology may be continually moving forward, and even with the advent of teleconferencing, many couples who are separated by distance can still use long distance relationship advice that actually works.

The bottom line is that when you strip away all of the technology, you are still missing out on that most basic fundamental need that most couples have, which is physical intimacy. There is no quick fix to cover the distance that spreads between two people, but with the following helpful long distance relationship tips, it can mean the difference between a wonderful and heartfelt reunion when two get together again, and breaking up over the phone.

Tip No. 1 – Discuss your goals for the relationship. You may have one idea about this relationship and your partner could have something completely different in mind. When that occurs, tension can easily work its way into conversations on the phone. Through email and phone calls, it is difficult to grasp some of the underlying intent in your partner, and if you are thinking marriage as more as a goal, and he is only looking for some emotional comfort and conversation, then there will be trouble brewing.

Tip No. 2 – Raise your trust level. You may not be the trusting type of individual, but in a long distance relationship, trust is the absolute cornerstone that must be established. You are not going to be able to know where he goes or what he does all the time. Trust in his faithfulness – this is an important long distance relationship tip.

Tip No. 3 – Alternate visits. Don’t always go to his or her place, and don’t let him come to your place all of the time. By alternating whose home you visit, you are keeping the burden off of the other person to always host, or always travel. Plus, when one of you visits the other, it can feel more like a vacation, which it should.

Tip No. 4 – Set up your ground rules in the beginning. Nothing destroys a long distance relationship faster than neither person knowing what the rules are. When we are courting and in close proximity, we learn the rules as we go, but that is made easier because we can see the person, their reactions, as well as their closeness or distance. When you are looking for long distance relationship tips that work and matter, this is one of the big ones. Establish the ground rules first. Who calls who? How often should you talk? Can you see other people? Whatever comes to mind.

Tip No. 5 – Keep it sexy. You may not be comfortable speaking about sexy details, but sex is a major cornerstone of all lasting relationships. Long distance ones also need that spice in order to keep them going – this is thus another important long distance relationship tip. If your partner begins telling you what he would like to do with you the next time you’re in bed together, play along, tease, and tempt. It’ll continue to keep you two feeling close, even when you’re really not.

These long distance relationship tips have been developed through years of experiences from many different couples. By applying this advice, you increase the odds that your long distance relationship will survive for the long-term.

All the best!

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