Male Body Language Flirting – Signs And Signals To Observe And Interpret


Male Body Language Flirting – Signs And Signals To Observe And Interpret

If you know the signs of male body language flirting, you’ll save yourself from any embarrassment caused by misinterpreting a guy’s signals.

Of course, eye contact and a smile is an obvious sign of interest, but another hint that he’s interested in you may come from a change in his body language – he might stand taller and “preen” by adjusting his tie, pulling in his stomach or smoothing his hair while gazing your way.

He may also rub his jaw or touch his cheek – this is an example of unconscious preening. His body language will say that he’s “open” and interested, but if he’s facing you with his arms folded or keeps turning away from you, it’s a sure sign that he’s not attracted. Don’t waste your time with him.

If he comes over to talk and gradually moves even closer to you, that’s a sure sign of male body language flirting – he wants to be near you and listen to what you have to say. He may touch you on the arm to test your reaction; if you’re interested, you won’t pull away, but respond to his touch. If he stands directly in front of you with his feet pointing towards you, then you have all of his attention; on the other hand, if he’s standing sideways and occasionally watching the action around you both, then he’s probably not really all that interested in you.

Eye contact, as said earlier, can signal interest on his part. But make sure you’re not getting the wrong signal from someone who just happens to be looking your way for a moment. In male body language flirting, eye contact can be either a long, meaningful gaze, or a quick and direct stare which is discontinued then resumed. If you respond in the same way, he might just come over and introduce himself. He might start the conversation with a funny joke or one-liner to make you laugh. This will create a bond between you and serve as a basis for further conversation.

Another clue that he’s attracted to you is if his eyebrows rise when he looks your way. He’s seen you and is immediately taken with your appearance, so if you’re interested in him, raise your own eyebrows while looking back at him. If he looks at you with relaxed eyes and brows, he’s probably not interested in you and doesn’t think you’re worth his time – forget about him, no matter how cute you think he is!

Another male body language flirting maneuver is to copy what you do. This may sound strange, but if he takes a sip of his drink right after you do or leans back in his chair when you do, then he is relaxed in your company and more than a little interested in you. Some couples copy each other’s moves when they are dancing – either consciously or unconsciously – and order the same kind of drinks and bar snacks. Studies have shown that strangers bond through mimicry, as it gives them the comfortable feeling that they are “birds of a feather” and compatible – for tonight, at least.

If you can follow the male body language flirting signs and act accordingly, you may just find someone you like being with and are compatible enough with to begin a relationship – and who knows where it may lead?

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