Great Tips For Reducing Stress In Your Life


Great Tips For Reducing Stress In Your Life

Are you searching for some useful tips for reducing stress?

Stress affects everyone. It can be caused by innumerable reasons and the effects can be devastating if allowed to run its course unchecked. These effects can include sleep disturbances, muscular disorders, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, nervousness and a host of other ailments as the signs and symptoms of stress vary widely from individual to individual.

To compound this, stress is very subjective. What is stressful to one person may not bother others; and people who suffer from stress tend to practice other unhealthy habits such as drinking and / or smoking cigarettes. In fact, 80% of health care is spent on stress related disorders.

If the stress is not debilitating, then there are many techniques and activities that can be accomplished easily, whether at home or at the office. Tips for reducing stress include techniques such as simple breathing exercises or listening to music to therapy sessions. Sometimes, just talking things over with a friend is all it takes. Though these tips for reducing stress are varied, relaxation is the key to successful stress management.

Cutting back on the caffeine, which messes with your blood pressure and adds to stress, will help, but if you feel you need a pick me up, try green tea, which is healthier with half the caffeine.

Activities such as yoga and meditation are excellent ways to calm your inner self and are only two methods of the many relaxation techniques that can provide relief. These work because the concentration they require is usually enough to take your mind off the things that are bothering you, and at the same time lower respiration, heart rate and blood pressure.

Need more tips for reducing stress?

Going for a walk or getting another form of exercise has been proven to be an effective stress reducer. This works because any type of physical activity, regardless of how slight, releases endorphins. These are the body’s natural version of a mood altering lifting of the spirits.

Relaxation tapes and CDs, of which there are myriads, have been designed to help you calm down. They are as easy to use as putting them into a player, laying back and listening to the soothing sounds – say of ocean waves, chirping birds or any number of other choices. With the aid of an ear phone, you can virtually listen to them throughout the whole day regardless of what you are doing.

Tips for reducing stress also include guided visualization, which is the practice of imagining a scene that relaxes you. You can have your spouse or a family member give you a rub down. The deep muscle rub will relieve tension and reduce stress. Sometimes, you can help yourself by rubbing your temples or shoulders.

If talking to a friend or family member is not possible or seems unpleasant, write down what bothers you. This type of non verbal release can be very helpful. Watch funny television shows or movies, or read funny books, as laughter can be a good medicine. Studies show that laughter does relieve stress and you do not need a prescription for its goodness. This is surely one of the easiest and best tips for reducing stress to implement!

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