Notice The Physical Signs Of Stress In Yourself Or A Loved One


Notice The Physical Signs Of Stress In Yourself Or A Loved One

When we deal with stress, our health can be affected. For many of us, modern life is stressful and that means that we can get too accustomed to stress as a general rule.

While there are some useful kinds of stress, over time, stress can wear on us physically, leaving behind a trail of health issues that can often become serious. That’s why it’s important to notice the physical signs of stress so that you can get ahead of any potential health issues in the future.


Fatigue is one of the physical signs of stress that is often associated with many other health conditions. That makes it quite difficult to ascertain whether or not it is related directly to stress. However, since the natural ‘fight or flight’ mechanism wasn’t designed to be used for extended periods of time, the body simply grows fatigued more easily when you are under extreme stress.

Drinking more alcohol

When a person is under stress, they tend to look for ways to escape that pressure, and the most common way that people do get away from stress, or at least manage to not think about the things that are causing them stress, even if it’s for a short time, is to drink alcoholic beverages. The longer the stress endures, the more a person might drink. As this continues, then the social drinking will tend to become habitual.

Increasing irritability

One of the most common physical signs of stress is irritability. If you know someone who is under a great deal of stress, you will likely notice that he or she will become more agitated much more easily than normal.

The pressure and stress begin to wear down their ability to remain calm and composed. They begin to lash out at people much quicker. They are looking for an easy release of the pressure inside that the stress is causing.

They don’t laugh as much

When a person is under a tremendous amount of stress, their mind continually focuses on the topics that are causing them this level of stress. As a result, they don’t find things humorous. Even jokes that they would normally enjoy doesn’t seem to have much impact on them – this is another of the possible physical signs of stress.

Aching joints

Going along with the fatigue factor, when a person is under constant stress, their joints will begin to ache quite a bit more than normal. This is closely related to the fatigue that their body feels.

When a person’s muscles are on alert, from that ‘fight or flight’ response, then that person will do things a bit differently than normal to compensate for the fatigue. This often leads to joint pain and other associated issues.

There are a number of different physical signs of stress. Some are more serious than others, but when combined, they are clearly visible to the people around the person suffering from stress.

There is no easy cure for the physical signs of stress, but it’s important to recognize them and, if you see them in yourself or in someone you care about, then it’s time to find them some help.

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