How To Stop Procrastination – Tips To Get You Doing


How To Stop Procrastination – Tips To Get You Doing

The procrastination trap – how easily some of us fall into it. Learn how to stop procrastination with some simple strategies and tips outlined here.

While thousands of people think procrastination is just part of who they are, there are actually categories of the condition that people fall into while they are dealing with self-doubt, dodging what seems uncomfortable to them, being driven by guilt, or because it has become a habit.

If we persist in procrastinating, our actions can eventually result in negative results not only in our personal lives, but possibly our jobs, our goals or the mental and / or physical wellbeing of our family. Today, take the steps necessary to not only organizing your thoughts, but also to carrying out your plans. It can be as simple as getting up each morning at a consistent time or as committed as helping your child every day in an area where he is weak.

There are several elements behind how to stop procrastination. If you find that it is self doubt that holds you back – in other words, you are afraid to go forward because you either do not trust your ability or believe you do not have the ability and therefore the task seems overwhelming, then take it slow.

Divide your overall task into a series of steps and just expect of yourself one step at a time. In this way, you will not second guess yourself and sit down before you ever start. This is one way of how to stop procrastination if lack of self belief is your problem.

If you are one that continually avoids the things that seem distasteful to you or cause you some sort of stress or anxiety, accept that the inevitable may happen and prepare for it – this is important if you wish to learn how to stop procrastination.

Again, set steps to keep stress under control. If someone will help you that can help keep the positive in motion, fine, but if not, learn to breathe deeply to relieve the tension. The action of breathing in and then out – each to the count of five, will bring the calmness back long enough for you to finish your task. This is especially true if you have allowed yourself plenty of time to change the energy around you from negative to positive.

As part of mastering how to stop procrastination, it will be imperative for you to find your weak areas – hostile feelings toward someone else causing you to be defiant, thinking you will get back at them; rebellion towards the monotony of routine; a wondering mind; or fear of failure or disapproval – before you can go forward. Here is where an honest evaluation will be essential.

If, for instance, you are someone whose mind wanders as you work to complete your task, plan for it. Set aside, beforehand, time to allow yourself a reward for finishing the task. It’ll make the task easier to finish and the downtime afterwards more enjoyable.

In learning how to stop procrastination, learn to prioritize – not just the job at hand, but your time. Allow yourself to understand how valuable it is. Do not give yourself or anyone else the privilege of stealing it from you. Do not expect a perfection you cannot attain to such as: If it is not done in just this manner I will be a failure. That sets you up for failure. You’ll end up putting it off for sure.

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