How To End A Relationship – Tips For An Amicable Split


How To End A Relationship – Tips For An Amicable Split

Knowing how to end a relationship can mean the difference between a somewhat amicable split – or at least one that isn’t full of vitriol and hatred – and one that leaves both of you feeling resentment and anger toward the other.

There are many ways to end a relationship, especially in our modern age, and some of them are just plain wrong. Let’s touch on those first.

How NOT to end a relationship

You may not have the guts to look her in the eye when you end your relationship, but she deserves that respect. Don’t text her or call when you know that she won’t answer so that you can leave a message telling her it’s over. That is not only cold and indifferent, it’s also cruel. Give her the respect that she deserves and tell her face-to-face.

How to end a relationship

Okay, so now that you know how not to end a relationship, it’s time to understand what you should do when it comes time to make that decision.

Here are some simple tips and pieces of advice on how to end a relationship.

Look her in the eye. You two have shared some intimate moments. Likely, you’ve shared some hopes and dreams about your future. If that’s the case, then she must mean something more to you than just a person in your past. Look her in the eye when you tell her that you want out of the relationship.

Be prepared to answer questions. She’s going to have questions. What went wrong? What did she do wrong? Did you find someone else? Be as honest as you feel is necessary. You don’t want to hurt her, of course, so if there was something that bothered you about her, then you might want to keep that to yourself. All that’s going to do is make her ask you for another chance or give her a complex of insecurity in future relationships. You may not have liked something about her, but the next person might.

Have a plan in place. If you two are living together, you’ll need to have a plan in place. If you own the place or are the primary name on the lease, then she is going to need time to move out. Plan on sleeping in separate rooms and give her some time to figure out what she’s going to do.

Don’t get angry. You are going to be hit with some accusations and anger. Your (now) ex is going to lash out at you. Let him. In learning about how to end a relationship amicably, try not to fight back and not to engage. Simply look down at the ground when he gets angry and starts saying hurtful things to you. Understand where this is coming from and remind yourself that it’s over, so there’s nothing to gain by getting angry.

When you use some of these tips on how to end a relationship, you will make the process as smooth as possible. In most cases, it’s not ever going to go smoothly. Someone is always going to be hurt. Just try not to make it worse in the long run.

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