Homemade Toys – Fun Handmade Toys For Children And Pets


Homemade Toys – Fun Handmade Toys For Children And Pets

Are you seeking tips and ideas for homemade toys?

Anyone can purchase a readymade toy from a department store. There is something special, however, about a toy that is handmade, especially with a specific recipient in mind.

Heirloom treasures start from scratch and many homemade toys are so well made compared to production toys that they will last for generations. An added bonus is that you never have to worry about a recall with a handmade toy. This article will get you on your way to creating a special treasure for a dear friend or family member.

Home Made Toys for Kids

With the accessibility of the internet, learning how to make a homemade toy is as simple as a click of your mouse. From simple to intricate, there are directions and patterns for just about any skill level and any budget. Here are a few examples of really simple handmade toys for children.

* Tin Can Phones: This one is an old-fashioned home made toy that is till enjoyed today. Anyone can make a tin-can phone, and even the kids enjoy being a part of creating something they will get many hours of enjoyment from. To make a tin can phone, all you need are two empty cans, a length of string, a screwdriver, and a hammer. Make holes in the cans using the hammer and screwdriver. Attach a length of string through the holes, connecting the two cans. Tie knots in the ends of the string to keep it from pulling through the can. Voila, you now have a tin can phone!

* Puppet Socks: How about making a fun and interesting puppet from your old socks? This is a fun way to use up single socks without a mate. Puppet socks are great homemade toys for your child. You can add button eyes, a button nose, and any assorted items for decorations. Try some yarn hair, and even add old earrings for jewelry. Teeth are fun – cut some rectangle pieces out of heavy cardboard, paint them white, and punch 2 holes in the top for sewing onto the sock puppet’s mouth. You can make an entire family of puppet socks for limitless hours of entertainment for your kids.

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