I’m Bored! How Can I Beat And Overcome Boredom?


I’m Bored! How Can I Beat And Overcome Boredom?

‘I’m bored!’ Those are two of the worst words in the English language.

Many people suffer from sudden bouts of being bored at work, at home, even in their routine social situations. There is hope for your boredom, however.

Keeping a positive attitude can help. But if keeping positive is even getting you down and you are finding yourself at a loss for what to do, this article will help get you back on the right track.

Ideas for what to do to overcome the “I’m bored” blues:

Find something stimulating to do: Many times, boredom happens simply because we are no longer stimulated with what we are doing. The brain is a complex creature and it needs stimulation to keep it working at its optimum best. A new book, a new movie, maybe a different place to take your afternoon walk – something this simple can easily get your brain stimulated and back in action again.

Avoid boring situations: Don’t want to have feelings of ‘I’m bored’? Then do your best to avoid boring situations. If you find the library boring but love to read, check your book out and read at the park for an afternoon. If eating at home is becoming a little mundane, pack a picnic and eat at the beach for a change. Instead of watching TV, do a little gardening when you get home from work. Keeping a little active and doing something different is a great way to keep from being bored.

Change your routine: Take a different route to work, go for a walk after dinner, have roast beef on Tuesday rather than Sunday. Sometimes, all it takes is to change up your daily routine to get out of a boring slump.

Take a class: Learning something new is a great way to save yourself from feelings of ‘I’m bored’. Set a goal to learn something new each year, or even twice a year if you are adventurous.Think of something you have always wanted to do and do it. Take that French cooking course, or learn to sail. Stimulating your mind will definitely keep you from becoming bored.

Get active: Join a gym, sign up with a walking club, buy a bicycle, or start swimming at your local recreation center. Join the neighborhood baseball team. Getting active will not only help you from getting bored, it is healthy for you as well.

Find a new hobby: From playing golf to woodworking, having a hobby is a wonderful way to stay busy, keep occupied, and say goodbye to boredom. Meeting other people with the same hobby is another way that your life can change from dull to exciting and fun. It is always enjoyable to spend time with like-minded people that have the same interests as you do.

Join a club: Clubs are a wonderful way to meet new people, stay active, socialize, and keep away from feelings of ‘I’m bored’. Rotary Clubs, Toastmasters, or Hospital Axillaries are one type of club that are usually quite active in the community and do a lot of volunteer work. A sports team is another type of club that you might consider. You can find many clubs listed in your local phone book, or browse through your newspaper in the community section to see what is happening in your neighborhood.

Boredom is really just a state of mind, and something that is really easy to break out of if you have a little initiative. Make up your mind to stay positive and make a change in your life, dispelling those ‘I’m bored’ blues for good.

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