Questions To Consider While Making Homemade Board Games


Questions To Consider While Making Homemade Board Games

Homemade board games are a great way to build creativity and critical thinking skills while enjoying a bit of family fun.

Board games crafted by you and your children are not only fun to play or give as gifts, but can also provide hours of fun as you create them!

If you’re unsure of where to begin in creating a homemade board game, some options include:

* Creating your own Monopoly game using favorite spots
* Painting a sheet to create a giant checker board to play on the floor with giant disks
* Making personalized Bingo boards for a homemade Bingo game
* Any other idea that appeals to you!

Some critical points to consider as you plan your homemade board games are:

Will this be fun to make?

Think about how you can incorporate fun shapes, bright colors, cutting, and pasting into your homemade board game. Or, think about the artistic interests of your children and try to incorporate those (i.e. if they like to paint, have them paint the game pieces or spinner).

Will this be educational?

Homemade board games can be educational in many different ways, so think about your board game idea and how it may be used to foster learning in your children. For instance, you may use the opportunity to teach critical thinking skills by having the children help plan the game’s rules and format. Alternatively, you may incorporate things being learned in school, such as by building reading comprehension or arithmetic into the game.

How can I improve the game idea?

Once you’ve decided upon a game idea, think of ways to make it even more enjoyable for you and your children. For instance, consider ways to make it more personalized – perhaps even incorporating the children’s names into the game. When thinking of how to make the game more fun for those playing, the most important thing is to consider the needs of the players, and to tailor it to their needs and interests as much as possible.

After your game idea has been fine-tuned, you can begin the process of making your homemade board game. Allow those participating in the creation to dictate the plans for your board game and “go with the flow”. Once you’ve finished with the planning, gather your supplies and let the fun begin!

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