Making the Best of Your Circumstances – When Life Hands You Lemons


Making the Best of Your Circumstances – When Life Hands You Lemons

When the going gets tough, and things are not going well, it’s easy to feel down, to get discouraged, to lose hope and perhaps even to experience a sense of disillusionment.

It’s easy to wonder why things are not turning out the way you want them to, why life is not giving you what you want so badly, and why the universe is playing tricks with you and even making a fool of you.

So many whys, and hardly any answers.

But life’s like that, and you can either accept this reality, or you don’t.

There is not one person in this world right now, or not one person who has ever walked on this Earth, who was exactly the way he or she wanted, and who had everything single thing that he or she wished for. Not one.

Every single person is different. All life circumstances are different. Another difference between people is the varying degrees to which each person has learnt to accept the things he or she cannot change. Yet another divergence is how much every person has developed the ability to make the best of what he or she was given.

Making the best of what each one of us was given, and attempting to fulfill our fullest potential – isn’t that what a big part of living life is all about? It’s no good a panther wishing it could fly – all it can do is be the best that a panther can be. Neither is there any good for a horse to wish it could stand as tall and look as far as a giraffe; but a horse can run in a way no giraffe could ever dream of.

And it’s no good dreaming of orange juice when all you have is a field full of lemons.

As the saying goes, when life hands you lemons (which can be a metaphor for inferior or defective goods), it’s up to you to make lemonade with them!

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