A List Of Affirmations You Can Use Daily To Improve Your Life


A List Of Affirmations You Can Use Daily To Improve Your Life

Using a list of affirmations on a daily basis can help you to reduce the stress that you may feel in your life.

When you use this list of affirmations, use them every day. It may feel strange to do so at first, but the more you do this, the better you will feel in the long run.

Here goes:

1. I deserve happiness
2. I have positive pictures in my mind
3. I am a unique and interesting person
4. I derive self worth from who I am, not what I do
5. I am responsible
6. I pursue my life’s purpose
7. I have confidence in myself at all times and in all circumstances
8. I feel worthy
9. I like my life
10. I forgive those who spread false messages about me
11. I like myself
12. I feel fulfilled and joyful
13. Joy is overflowing in my life
14. I am becoming a better person everyday
15. I deeply believe in myself
16. My outlook on life is bright and enthusiastic
17. I deserve success in my life
18. I am secure and I am strong
19. I am proactive and take action
20. I have an abundance of resources within me
21. I am in charge of and responsible for my life
22. I am an intelligent person
23. I am a valuable person
24. I am a worthy hero
25. I recognize my skills, abilities and talents and put them to good use
26. I am able to view myself in an objective and realistic manner
27. I attract the good things I desire into my life
28. I seek self improvement every day
29. I have strong faith in myself
30. I ooze confidence from inside out
31. I see different parts of my life as learning experiences
32. I am a calm person
33. My belief in myself is firm
34. People like me for who I am
35. I care for other people
36. I have confidence in my own abilities and skills
37. I am interested in the lives of others
38. I am a good person
39. I forgive myself
40. My self-confidence grows daily
41. I am a resolute and strong person
42. I resolve all issues affecting my self esteem and self confidence
43. I embrace humility together with my self confidence
44. People around me admire me
45. I experience and enjoy success
46. I am a loveable person
47. I am worthy of the friendship and love of others
48. I accept and love every part of myself
49. I am at peace with myself
50. I am brave and courageous

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