Learn How To Gain Confidence Using Some Simple Tips


Learn How To Gain Confidence Using Some Simple Tips

Do you wish to learn how to gain confidence?

Possibly the hardest area to conquer when you have lost your confidence is what others think of you. People, who with words and without thought try to belittle you, have a great effect on us.

But as intimidating as the incidents are that cause us to lose confidence or that never let us rise above low self esteem, etc, the first thing we need to realize is we are not alone. More than half the people in the world wish to change something about their self they feel is a hindrance.

Number two of how to gain confidence is to work at being comfortable with who you are. This might be a tough one. If, for instance, you are overweight and surrounded by people who are not – at school, the workplace, etc, your goal might be becoming free to see yourself for who you are.

You must first recognize that you are overweight and then do one of two things: accept yourself as such (I like my ice cream and cookie snacks with six cans of Mt Dew / Coke a day) or purpose in your heart to not only change but set about doing so. Knowing that you are making an honest attempt to change and that the decision was yours alone, will do wonders for your self confidence. Remember, people DO NOT have to approve of you in order for you to be relevant.

Number three of how to gain confidence is learning to laugh at oneself. Not only does it release endorphins in your own body that are relaxing and create a feeling of wellbeing, but it also puts others immediately at ease. Most people stress over the same stuff you do and when something goes wrong, regardless of who it concerns, that first sound of laughter is the beginning to instant stress relief. Let it be you who is that person. You will be from then on remembered as the stress relief and not the nerd.

Number four of how to gain confidence is to learn to talk through body language – if I look relaxed, they will think I am relaxed. Maybe all is not perfect yet, but you can still have a healthy opinion of yourself in knowing that you are striving to be all that you can be. Put your head up even if it feels odd or fake. Smile at people or say hello even if they do laugh once you have passed.

Confidence, whether just facing the day or the crowd you have prepared your speech for, is that ingredient that will allow you to make a mistake, laugh at yourself and then recover enough to go on and finish your race. It allows you to take the risk, to be spontaneous, to love yourself no matter what the outcome.

Number five of how to gain confidence is putting oneself in remembrance of little tidbits of wonderful information about yourself at all times. It is called positive affirmation and it works wonders. What happens after you have heard: This is just one day and I can get through it with great results by taking it one hour at a time, repeated throughout the day a dozen times for a week? You’ll believe it, that’s what!

Do you now have a better idea on how to gain confidence?

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