What Makes a Good Parent – Useful Pointers and Advice


What Makes a Good Parent – Useful Pointers and Advice

Do you wish to learn about what makes a good parent?

I’ve heard it said many times that babies should come with an instruction manual! You bring a tiny person home from the hospital and are expected to know how to care for his or her emotional and physical well-being for the next 18 years – if not longer! Where do you start?

Let’s take it for granted that you quickly learn how to wash, dress and feed your baby, thanks to volumes of advice from well-meaning friends and family; but as for emotional wellbeing and behavioral issues, you’re generally on your own.

The most important thing you have to do when it comes to what makes a good parent is to love your children and show them affection whenever you can. Don’t transfer your stress about other issues in your life to your children; they are very perceptive and pick up hidden signals from their parents.

You can learn how to deal with your stress through relaxation techniques or a discipline such as yoga, and even teach these skills to your children. A recent article in Scientific American stated that having a good relationship with your spouse or partner, agreeing on how to raise your children and not arguing in front of them are just as important as your child-rearing skills.

Now, in discussing what makes a good parent, let us talk about your child-rearing skills – it’s important that you listen to your children and show support and affection. Make the effort to spend quality time with them. Encourage them to learn and be a visible presence at their schools.

As part of what makes a good parent, encourage any special skills that your children may have, and always praise their efforts – they’re doing it for you as well as themselves, and they want you to be proud of them. Children have unique gifts or talents, so try to discover what they are and encourage them to broaden their horizons by accepting new challenges – just don’t become a “stage mother” and push them too far.

Also as part of what makes a good parent, teach your kids to be independent – have them dress themselves as soon as they are able. Some parents feel that they are helping their children by treating them like babies long after they should be doing things for themselves; in fact, they are retarding their children’s development by always being there and not allowing the children the freedom they need to become self-sufficient.

Remember, people from all walks of life turn out to be good parents – you don’t have to throw expensive lessons at your children to encourage their development; playing in the yard with them, dancing to a silly tune in the family room, or catching lightning bugs with them provides them with personal development.

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