Death Of A Parent – How To Deal With Losing Dad Or Mom


Death Of A Parent – How To Deal With Losing Dad Or Mom

Whether you’re five or sixty-five, the death of a parent is one of the most difficult times you will face in life. Losing a parent brings a whole host of emotions, and you may not be ready to deal with all of those.

Here are some tips and pieces of advice on how to deal with the death of a parent.

First, let’s explore the stages of grief. When a loved one dies, there are many things that you will go through. There are seven stages of grief: shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and bargaining, depression / reflection / loneliness, readjustment, reconstruction, and acceptance and hope. Some people experience all of these stages, others only a few. Some people may even backtrack certain stages. None of these are experienced in any set order. As each person is different, so is their grief.

When a child loses a parent, there are many things that must be addressed. The child will experience a great sense of loss since the parent has played such a key role in the daily care of the young child. You may feel at a loss at how to help the child deal with the death of a parent; however, there are some things you can do to assist.

First, make sure the child’s routine does not alter much (such as meal times, bed times, and other daily routine tasks). The child must see that there will be some continuity in daily life. Also, give the child lots of affection (hugs, kisses, affirmations) so they will know that there is someone there to support them in their grief.

Don’t hold back your own feelings in order to spare the child. Make sure that you show an appropriate expression of grief. Sometimes, children will not grieve because they don’t see the adults around them expressing grief.

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