Use Your Thought Energies To Choose Peace Over Hatred, War And Violence


Use Your Thought Energies To Choose Peace Over Hatred, War And Violence

He asks us to put our mental energy into things which we want, which we desire, and in the process, we can “create a new world.”

To handle the wide array of bad news coming at him every day, bad news which zoom in on the bad and the wrong, Dyer does a few things.

Firstly, he reminds himself that for every evil act which is committed in this world, there are many, many kind acts. He stays true to his belief that Man is basically good. Indeed – good news is not newsworthy, and the mass media would not be able to profit off them; it thus concentrates and puts together all the worst events in the world and packages them together as “news”.

Next, he knows that he can never bring about peace with hatred. Only with love and by working together can we convert an enemy to a friend. So when he is faced with images of evil in the world which show that most people do not practice this, he nevertheless chooses to feel God‘s presence within and remains steadfast to his belief that the human race will one day embrace this reality.

When Dyer comes across evil, he reminds himself that he did not “sign up to come here to be a part of hatred.” While other people have, unfortunately, he tells himself to “stay with the inner sense of peace that calls to me, and I’ll surround those who behave in evil ways with the same light energy.” It certainly does sound very challenging, but imagine if many of us are able to rise to this call and become instruments of peace and beacons of light – the end result can be quite wondrous.

Last but not least, Dyer also tells himself, when he encounters violence, that he has a choice with regard to how he responds. Rather than responding to hate with hate, which simply fuels and grows hatred, he puts his focus into love for God, as reflected by loving others.

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