Use Communication Exercises To Improve Personal And Business Relationships


Use Communication Exercises To Improve Personal And Business Relationships

Communication is the key to lasting relationships, whether they are personal or business related.

The ability to communicate is paramount in our daily lives, but many people don’t really know how to master the art of communicating well with others. Communication exercises can be a vital part of learning this skill, so let’s begin with some pointers on the subject.

If you feel uncomfortable when communicating with other people, you need to clarify what exactly it is that they need to know and what their requirements are. If you don’t know what they want from you, then you won’t be able to supply them with the correct information.

Communication exercises are a good way to improve your skills and be able to connect and interact well with people. Most people feel that they are really good communicators, much in the way that most people feel that they are really good drivers!

Communication doesn’t just consist of talking to someone – you need to also be a good listener. There is a quote by Dale Carnegie that applies here, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

A good communication exercise is for two people to sit close to each other, then decide who is going to be the speaker and who is going to be the listener. Choose a neutral topic, such as what happened at the office today, and have the speaker tell the listener how the day was. When the speaker is finished, the listener should repeat what the speaker said. If the listener has missed anything out, then the speaker repeats what was omitted and the listener must then repeat the missing information. When the speaker is sure that the listener has heard and repeated what was said, they can talk about the information. They should then change roles and repeat the exercise. This role-playing exercise shows each person exactly how much or how little they listen to each other and is useful when couples are trying to communicate effectively with each other.

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