Unusual Hobbies – Strange And Unique Pastimes To Explore


Unusual Hobbies – Strange And Unique Pastimes To Explore

Almost everyone has some kind of hobby. Some people work crossword puzzles. Others collect stamps or coins. Others play sports as a hobby.

There are others, however, who don’t follow the mainstream when choosing a hobby. Here are some unusual hobbies that you can consider if you are looking for some ways to fill your free time.

Storm chasing is becoming increasingly more popular as storms appear to be growing stronger and more frequent. It is important, however, that you take precautions if you want to become a storm chaser. Remember, storms can be very destructive and even deadly.

Many of the “arm chair storm chasers” simply watch weather reports, storm stories on TV, and study storm patterns and trends. Others who pursue this unusual hobby actually get out in the elements and literally follow storms to see what path they may take. One variety of storm chaser combines their passion for weather with a passion for photography by taking pictures of lightning, storm clouds, rainbows, and other weather phenomenon.

Another unusual hobby is one called “Pooktre Art.” This involves a love of nature and the ability to train trees to grow in certain shapes. By taking saplings and bending and shaping them as they grow, Pooktre artists create living works of art. Many trees grow very slowly, so this is a slow hobby which requires patience.

Another unusual hobby which is nature related is called guerilla gardening. The basics of guerilla gardening include breaking into someone’s back yard and planting vegetables, flowers, or trees on someone else’s lawn. Take caution, however, because trespassing is a criminal offence, so you could find yourself facing criminal charges if you are observed.

Flash mobbing has become a very popular group hobby in urban areas. This involves a group of people who appear to not know each other spontaneously breaking into a song, dance, chant or other “production” in areas such as subway stations, street corners, or any other places that are occupied by large numbers of people. This is also called space hijacking in some areas since it involves taking up a great deal of space in congested areas.

Parkour is a very active unusual hobby that combines extreme physical fitness challenges, acrobatics, some martial arts and immovable objects. Participants try to leap over objects, run up walls, and move through spaces that may not be easily occupied. It is not a sport / hobby for the faint at heart, since it does involve the possibility of injury. It also requires that the participant be in good physical condition since it involves constant, fluid movement.

UFO hunting is also a very unusual hobby. This is for those who wish to go beyond simple star gazing to finding life “out there.” UFO hunters arm themselves with cameras and seek to make contact with other civilizations. UFO hunting has become a very large subculture in America.

There are many ways to fill your free time. If you are looking for a hobby that is outside the mainstream, you can explore one of the above unusual hobbies, or you can create your own. Hobbies are as varied and unique as the individuals who enjoy them. Find a hobby today that fits your own unique personality and gives you pleasure.

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