Therapeutic Activities On Self Esteem You Could Benefit From


Therapeutic Activities On Self Esteem You Could Benefit From

How one thinks about him or herself is very important and affects one’s entire life. The difference between positive and negative self esteem is crucial in determining the path one will travel in life.

Battling negative or poor self esteem is very common and sadly too many people remain negative when there are therapeutic activities on self esteem that have been found to increase it. You can increase your self esteem if you are willing to commit to working on it daily, even when you don’t feel like it.

Having a negative self esteem probably means that the majority of your thoughts about yourself are negative. Perhaps you’ve grown up in an environment that fostered negativity or you’ve experienced tough times, failures, disappointments, and so on. There is good news available to you in that you don’t have to wrestle with poor self esteem no matter what you’ve been through! You can increase your self esteem by practicing therapeutic activities on self esteem as discussed in this article.

First, I encourage you to evaluate your thought life. Chances are that much of your thinking is negative. I want you to take note of your thoughts and commit to reversing them.

When you think a negative thought or speak something negative, I want you to immediately say, “NO”, and counter that thought with a positive one. You have to re-train your brain and its way of thinking. Do not sit around and talk about any negative characteristics or complain. You almost have to force your mind to not allow negative thinking to rule. You can do this with effort and patience.

Next up for therapeutic activities on self esteem, is to stop comparing yourself to other people. You are uniquely you and when you compare yourself to others, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, envy, anger, jealousy, and so on. There will always be others who are more “something” (rich, handsome, beautiful, successful, funny, popular, etc.) than you, so accept who you are right now on your magnificent life journey.

What are other therapeutic activities on self esteem?

Thirdly, I want you to look people directly in the eye. I know this is sometimes uncomfortable, but it is necessary in building your self esteem. You don’t have to stare at them continually, but making direct eye contact while in a conversation speaks confidence, and though you may not feel it right away, the more you engage, the more confident you will become.

Lastly, I want you to get up, get out, and do something nice for someone. Make a habit of blessing others with compliments, little notes of encouragement, thoughtful gifts, service work, and so on. It does not take much time to make people smile and let them know you are thinking about them. You can send flowers, hand out homemade treats at the office, take a friend out for coffee, your kids to the movies, bless a needy person with money or food, take your loved one out to dinner, and so on.

You are worth taking the time and energy to increase your self esteem. Begin today by stopping all negative thoughts and words. Determine to take over control of your thought life, no matter what. And use the above therapeutic activities on self esteem to help you. Let me assure you that people will notice and ask you about your newfound confidence, and friend, that is very exciting!

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