Symptoms Of Low Self Esteem – Discovering The Common Signs


Symptoms Of Low Self Esteem – Discovering The Common Signs

Everyone has times when they don’t feel as good about themselves as on other days; however, when you have more days like that than days you feel good about yourself; you probably suffer from low self esteem.

So how do you know if it’s just the blues or something more? Here are the symptoms of low self esteem you should take note of.

If you find yourself talking in a negative manner (especially about yourself), you may be suffering from low self esteem. People with a low self image often focus on the negatives about their lives, appearance and outlook. For example, a person with low self esteem may describe themselves as fat, ugly, or stupid. They fail to see their self worth and instead focus on their flaws (even if these are not real flaws).

Another symptom of low self esteem is constantly apologizing to others for everything. People with low self esteem feel the need to say “I’m sorry” in an attempt to make things right. They know that something is off kilter; however, they may not realize that it’s more their outlook than anything that is causing that feeling. They feel that by saying, “I’m sorry,” they can set things right.

People with low self esteem are also overly anxious and avoid new situations. They fear that what they do have will be lost. They also fear that they will not be up to new tasks, so they avoid taking chances. For example, a person who is very unhappy in a job, but suffers from low self esteem, may not look for new employment elsewhere because they fear they will not be hired or can’t do the new job if they are hired.

What are other symptoms of low self esteem?

A person with low self esteem also has a very low energy level. If you have a low self image, you may find yourself exhausted by the end of the day. On your days off, you may find that you sleep excessively. If you are one that hides your self esteem issues from others, you find that keeping up your front (or false image) is tiring.

People with low self esteem are also more likely to isolate themselves than those with a healthier body image. They may withdraw from friends or family and they avoid activities and situations they may have once enjoyed. They fear that if they do go around others, it will only magnify their flaws, so they avoid social settings. Extreme sufferers of low self esteem may also stop working and avoid leaving their homes.

Depression goes hand in hand with low self esteem and is another possible symptom of low self esteem. As a person drops deeper into a negative self image, they may find that they are also suffering from depression. The symptoms of low self esteem and depression are often similar; therefore, when you can treat or overcome one, you will be gaining benefits from the other. Individuals with low self esteem may find themselves crying a great deal.

By recognizing the symptoms of low self esteem, you are taking the first steps in regaining control of your life and your self image. You can overcome low self esteem; however, recognize that it may take time and be gentle with yourself. When working on improving your self esteem, just remember – you are worth it.

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