Strong Student Teacher Relationships Will Greatly Help The Young Ones


Strong Student Teacher Relationships Will Greatly Help The Young Ones

Warm and nurturing student teacher relationships can go a long way toward the progress, in academic as well as personal areas, of young people. Here is how to build strong teacher student relationships.

Elements of learning can be a social event, with numerous studies proving that both teachers and students lose out if the former neglects to form a warm, supportive relationship with their students. This relationship will go on to improve the students’ chance for academic success as children, especially those in their early development stages, often look to their teachers as a role model.

The way a teacher communicates and / or expresses himself can influence a child every bit as much as his / her actions, as young people are generally sensitive to gestures, tone of voice and facial expressions.

The student teacher relationship should be one of encouragement, guidance and trust – in that order. A healthy student teacher relationship can influence the young mind for years to come. How many students say something like: ‘It was your enthusiasm on the subject that got me hooked in my junior year of high school.’ Open communication, emotional and academic support – these things can be instrumental in changing a life.

Teachers can encourage young people to explore special interests or talents that could very well have great impact on their future, by starting with a smile, promptly answering questions, or simply showing enough interest by extending a personal greeting each time the two see each other. Always offering positive feedback is another way to show interest, as is believing in their ability.

Teachers can demonstrate acceptance of a person by not labeling them, by giving choices, or by letting them know what you expect from them. And they do have to work at it. At one time, students of all ages came to the classroom believing the person in front of the class to be trustworthy. Today, it is more likely to be mistrust, or even disinterest. Finding common ground with students is imperative for good student teacher relationships.

Some quick tips for building good student teacher relationships would be: While you do need to connect, it will thwart your effort to do it by trying to be your student’s best ‘bud’. Though you will need their respect in order for them to achieve anything positive, you can’t do it by yelling or being stern – they will respond better being treated with respect. Don’t forget to greet them by name with a smile on your face – eye contact is good all the way around.

It is more than likely that teachers who take time to develop a positive student teacher relationship with each of their students will see academic achievements as well as behavioral and emotional ones. They tend to try harder, both at school and at home in their personal lives. They are also less likely to have problems in areas like anxiety, depression and / or delinquencies.

Teachers as well as other school officials are responsible when it comes to the trust bestowed upon them. Their integrity must be of the highest with boundaries in place. This is important as many young people no longer learn these traits at home. Teachers therefore must set the standard as chemistry is no longer confined to science class.

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