Some Nice Friendship Bracelet Patterns


Some Nice Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Friendship bracelet patterns can range from being incredibly easy to make to something a bit more challenging.

Friendship bracelets have been around for many, many years and they originated in Native American tribes centuries ago.

The premise behind the friendship bracelets are that one person would make the friendship bracelet and give it to a friend. The friend was then meant to wear it until the knots fell apart and it came off. If the friend removed the bracelet before that happened, then it was a sign that something had gone wrong in the friendship itself.

Friendship bracelet patterns once had more significant meaning to the indigenous populations that once used them through rituals. Today, the friendship bracelet patterns are more designed for appearances, rather than for meaning. There are many basic friendship bracelet patterns and from that, there is almost an unlimited amount of sub-patterns that can be derived from it.

The Candy Stripe

This is one of the easiest patterns to create. Basically, the design looks very similar to an old barber shop pole. If you have never seen one of those, then think about a candy cane (thus the name candy stripe). It consists of alternating stripes of color that proceed down the line through the entire bracelet.

You can use any color combination that you feel works for this pattern, but it’s a good idea to use at least three colors. You can use more, but if you use two, then you may have that real look of a candy cane.


This pattern is also simple, but it uses thinner stripes than the candy stripe pattern, a few more colors, and it places the lines in a ‘V’ shape. The ‘V’ of this pattern will tend to move to the right, but it can be worn and designed either way, really. This pattern is not only fun to make, it’s also attractive to wear. Your friend whom you give the bracelet to will be proud to see you wearing it whenever you’re together.

Inverse Chevron

This is very similar to the Chevron style, but it places the ‘V’ in the other direction. For this one, making a thinner bracelet can make the pattern appeal more to those who are style-conscious. If you want to make an Inverse Chevron friendship bracelet, try using lighter colors for the threads.

Bordered Chevron

This friendship bracelet pattern gets to be a little more difficult to make. The idea here is basically the same as the traditional Chevron pattern, but you place a single colored border on the outside of the pattern. If you’re new to making friendship bracelets, you may want to try the Chevron first, then give the Bordered Chevron a try.

Zig Zag

This pattern is basically what it sounds like. The entire bracelet zig zags. This requires a bit more skill and patience to get it right, but when you do, it makes a great gift.

These are a few friendship bracelet patterns that you can use to show your friends how much you care about them. Don’t worry if they take them off, though. Our modern culture doesn’t value these bracelets as their creators did.

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