Some Free Ideas For Organizing Clutter In Your Life


Some Free Ideas For Organizing Clutter In Your Life

Most of us tend to have some level of clutter in our lives.

That clutter doesn’t necessarily have to only be the physical kind, such as items that collect dust in our homes that never get used anymore. Clutter can be things that we think about that don’t really affect anything in our lives anymore, but they hang around in our mind.

Whatever kind of clutter you have in your life and want to organize, here are some free ideas for organizing clutter.

Free Ideas for Organizing Clutter – Tip 1

Go through everything and label as ‘useful’ or ‘not useful.’ It may sound trivial, but the power of words on items is quite real. When you go through everything that you own that is making clutter around your life, you will most likely find a host of things that serve no real purpose to you at the moment. In fact, you might be surprised at how many things you actually own that you never use anymore.

It is very difficult to get rid of some of these things, though. We keep thinking that once we eliminate that item from our possession, then we’ll need it. Label everything, though, with the ‘useful’ or ‘not useful’ tags. Then, take the not useful items and place them in boxes. You can purchase clear plastic storage containers that you can label easily on the outside. Put these items (if you cannot bring yourself to get rid of them) in a dry storage place. That way, you are getting them out of the way of everything else.

Free Ideas for Organizing Clutter – Tip 2

Use a spreadsheet. You may not be very computer savvy, but a spreadsheet is a simple-to-use program if you’re not going to be doing a great deal of formulas and algorithms with it. Simply list all of the things that you have in your home, or your life, that are causing the clutter to build up. Then place each item in a safe place, out of the way of your daily routine. Then note where you placed the item on your spreadsheet.

Then, when you need to find something, all you will have to do is open that spreadsheet and take a look at where it is and you’ll have it in no time.

Free Ideas for Organizing Clutter – Tip 3

Keep things in the general vicinity of where they will be useful. If you have outdoor tools sitting in your den, then that’s not the ideal place for them. Cooking pots in the bedroom closet doesn’t work, either. This is how clutter begins to grow around us. The first step that you should take when organizing clutter is to make sure that everything is in its place. If it isn’t and there’s no actual ‘place’ for it, determine where the most appropriate place for it would be.

The importance of organizing clutter cannot be overstated and, as a result, when you get organized, you will find that your personal stress level diminishes dramatically. The above free ideas for organizing clutter should help get you started.

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