Signs Of A Controlling Relationship You Should Be Wary Of


Signs Of A Controlling Relationship You Should Be Wary Of

Are you looking out for some important signs of a controlling relationship?

Let’s face it, most relationships begin on a note of romance and passion. You are both learning to get to know each other and naturally showing each other your best side. If your new significant other isn’t someone you know well or isn’t known to your circle of friends, then you tend to take him or her at face value.

However, there are many things you don’t know about each other, and unless you have friends who can find out more about information (such as checking them out on Facebook or one of the other online social sites), you may find your relationship beginning to deteriorate into controlling and abusive situations where one partner needs to have control over the other in almost all aspects of their life. This is not a state of affairs that anyone needs to live with, so take stock of your partnership and heed the warning signs of a controlling relationship.

One of the warning signs of a controlling relationship is physical abuse. If your partner, male or female, hurts you by kicking, hitting or pushing – even one time – you should leave. Get out of the immediate vicinity and end the relationship. Don’t think that it’s a “one-off” occurrence; it will happen again – and again – and again, until you are mentally and physically scarred.

Naturally, when you leave, you will be subjected to a barrage of either promises of marriage, gifts, good behavior, etc., or emotional blackmail through threats of suicide if you don’t return to them. They may call your family and friends and try to get them to intervene, and if they are unaware of the controlling nature of your relationship, they may even agree with your partner and beg you to give him or her one more chance. If you cave in to this pressure and try to continue the relationship, you will soon find that nothing has changed and that you have given your partner the satisfaction of controlling you emotionally yet again. You may even feel guilty about all the trouble you have caused by trying to break up!

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