Reading And Interpreting Body Language – Some Simple Tips For You


Reading And Interpreting Body Language – Some Simple Tips For You

Reading and interpreting body language is one of the most important aspects of having powerful relationships with other people around you.

When we talk about reading and interpreting body language, unfortunately many people immediately assume that it has to do with dating and personal, close relationships. For example, people want to know what it means when a woman flicks her hair as she laughs when talking to a guy she has just met.

But reading and interpreting body language can be a powerful tool to have when you are dealing with your daily life. From work to shopping, family and so much more, our daily interactions with people are more than just about what they say to us. It is also about how they say it.

So how do you go about reading and interpreting body language? There are some things that you should focus on first. If you are looking to discover whether that guy or girl thinks you are cute or likes you, just ask. For everyone else who is interested in this topic for their careers or just to reduce some stress from their lives, then read some of these pointers on reading and interpreting body language.


How far away or how close is someone standing when you are talking to them? Some cultures prefer to be in close proximity when talking to someone. For others, an arm’s length is considered normal and acceptable.

When you are discussing something with a person you know, such as a coworker, does he or she move away from you? If so, then they are sending a signal to you that they are not very interested in what you have to say.


If a person leans toward you when speaking with you, then they are likely engaged and interested in the things that you have to say. If they are leaning away from you, then they don’t really care what you’re saying; they are likely simply being polite and not trying to hurt your feelings.

If you see someone leaning away, change the subject and see how their body language changes.


When someone touches another person whom they are speaking to, this sends a strong message of being intimately connected to that other person.

Now, being intimately connected does not mean sexual in any way, shape, or form. Instead, that means that they are interested and engaged in what you are saying or doing and they feel that they have a deeper bond with you, some kind of kismet, if you will.

When you begin to become more experienced in reading and interpreting body language, you will be able to head off a number of socially awkward moments in your life. You will be able to tell right away whether the person you’re talking to really cares about what you have to say or if you should end the conversation quickly.

Sometimes, having the ability of reading and interpreting body language can be a gift. Sometimes, it can be a curse. That’s up to you.

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