Practice Time Management At Work To Become More Efficient And Productive


Practice Time Management At Work To Become More Efficient And Productive

You go to work, punch in the clock, and trudge through the hours waiting for quitting time so that you can go home to your family. You don’t think much about time management at work because you get paid whether you’re being productive or not.

Yet maybe you’ve wondered why you haven’t gotten that promotion that you were hoping for, or why your boss continually hounds you for assignments that are being delivered late.

It’s not necessarily your fault. More likely you have fallen victim to the common underlying factor in modern working society, and that is to ignore time management at work. While we may keep track of what we do with our time during our personal lives, it’s just as important to practice solid time management at work. Below are a few pointers to help you manage your time and become more productive at work.

Keep a log

You likely have a calendar that tracks all of your meetings, delivery dates, and more, but now it’s time to write down how much time you spend doing different things. Do you spend five minute filing paperwork every half hour because you want to keep your desk clear? Perhaps the walk from your office to human resources only takes three minutes and you don’t think much about it. But what if that walk occurs eight times a day? That’s half an hour.

Track every minute on a calendar.

Evaluate your log

After two weeks of tracking your time management at work in a log, then it’s time to analyze it. Where do you see wasted time? Those trips to human resources .. are they necessary? Perhaps they are. Maybe you could make a call instead. Or perhaps you may be able to log every question you may have and make one trip over there.

What about meetings? Do you find that there are more meetings for small things that eat up a lot of your time? Maybe a meeting once a week instead of daily could help save time. When you analyze your time management, you will likely see where you could save time and get more done throughout the day.

Arrange your daily schedule to maximize efficiency

In the past, maybe you have gotten into the habit of doing certain tasks in the morning. Maybe those tasks take too long and pull you out of the rhythm of working. Sometimes it takes us a few minutes to get our minds back on the assignment at hand. If so, then move those tedious tasks to the end of the day instead.

Whenever you employ time management at work, you increase your overall efficiency. When that happens, then you increase the likelihood that you will get a promotion, or a raise, more readily. You will become the person in the office who is seen as ‘getting things done’ and that goes a long way toward climbing the corporate ladder. Time management at work is vital yet few workers actually think much about it these days.

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