Low Self Esteem Signs – Traits Of Those Who Think Poorly Of Themselves


Low Self Esteem Signs – Traits Of Those Who Think Poorly Of Themselves

People with low self esteem aren’t always aware that they feel that way about themselves.

There are many obvious low self esteem signs, so if you find that you fit into the categories, take steps to try to improve the image you have of yourself.

Blaming others for everything that goes wrong, being critical of others, and complaining a lot are low self esteem signs, as is being defensive and taking everything personally. People with low self esteem have to realize that it’s not always about them. A poor self-image is also one of the signs of low self esteem, yet most people don’t do anything to improve their body or mind, preferring instead to harbor resentment against others who actively try to develop a better self-image.

Depression and anxiety, as well as lack of social skills and self confidence are additional low self esteem signs. Withholding friendship and not making any new friends is a signal that a person is suffering from low self esteem; they are reluctant to socialize because of their negative attitude and concern about what others think about them – they rarely see themselves as they really are. They also display a lack of trust in others and are unwilling to open up about any problems they might have; they ‘internalize’ their feelings and don’t share their troubles. This, in turn, makes it more difficult for friends to help them.

A sign that someone has low self esteem is that they treat other people much better than they treat themselves – they don’t feel that they deserve to be happy or cherished as a friend, partner or co-worker. This is not a good frame of mind for someone in the workplace, as they are often reluctant to put themselves forward for a challenging task or promotion, feeling that they are not worthy of consideration. They are often disparaging when someone pays them a compliment, feeling that they don’t deserve praise.

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