Learning Time Management Skills For Better Planning And Increased Productivity


Learning Time Management Skills For Better Planning And Increased Productivity

You may have heard it or may have said it yourself, “I just don’t know where the time goes!” You feel like there are too many demands on you and not enough time to meet these demands.

Between work and family, you feel stretched too thin and don’t know how you are going to get everything done. The answer can be as simple as learning time management skills. By learning techniques to manage your time, you will find that not only do you have more than enough hours in the day, you are enjoying them more as well.

First, look at how you spend your time each day. For one week, keep a log of all the activities you do and how much time you spend doing them. For large blocks of time (such as school or work), break it down into smaller segments. Don’t leave anything out. An example of a daily time log may look like this:

7:00am – woke up, took shower and dressed for work
7:30am – grabbed breakfast and ate it on the way to work
8:00am – arrived at work, checked messages and organized paperwork
8:10am – phone call – work related
8:15am – phone call – personal
8:20am – started working on monthly report
9:30am – break
9:40am – continued working on monthly report

And so on. As you can see from this sample daily log, you are writing down ALL your activities to get a feel of how much time you spend on each. It’s important to do this for at least a week so you can get a good feel of your time spent.

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