Learn to Walk Before Trying to Run – Take Things Step By Step


Learn to Walk Before Trying to Run – Take Things Step By Step

Whether you are starting your own business, embarking on a new career in a company, learning a skill, training up in a sport or chasing some other goal or objective, it’s natural that you want to get there as quickly as you possibly can.

When it comes to success of all kinds, who wants to wait? If I can have it today, please give it to me now; I would much rather have it right this moment than have to wait years for it.

But if you observe a little child, you will see that there is a natural progression to things. Before he learns to speak, he first learns to babble. Before he is able to hold anything in his hands, he first experiments with them, feeling around as much as he can. Before you hear his laughter, he will first learn to smile.

I don’t think there is any baby in the world who is able to run before being able to walk, nor would there be any baby anywhere who learned to walk before she crawled. Would there be any baby who could sit up on a bed before learning to flip from side to side? Unlikely, too.

The problem with many of us in the pursuit of our goals is that we often try to run without first making sure we are steady walkers. And impatience can sometimes have disastrous consequences.

If you want to run, learn to walk first; and, before that, first take some baby steps; even prior to that, spend some time crawling and feeling your way around.

Take your time, exercise some patience, and take things step by step. It’s a surer way to attain your goals as supposed to being hasty and trying to do too much too quickly, which can actually backfire.

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