Improving Sister Relationships And Rescuing A Failing Sisterhood Bond


Improving Sister Relationships And Rescuing A Failing Sisterhood Bond

Sister relationships can be a delight. They can also be a source of unhappiness.

Like all relationships, sisterhood has its ups and downs. Sometimes, a sister will forgive you for taking her favorite sweater without her permission, but sometimes, she will be really, really upset with you. Like all aspects of your relationship with your sister, it depends on the circumstances.

Being a sister signifies a close, unbreakable bond between women, but this is not always the case. Sisters tend to expect more from each other than they do from friends; they expect complete loyalty and honesty from their sisters at all times, which, let’s face it, is unrealistic. One cruel remark from your sister can ruin your self-esteem; you expect her to be completely supportive and loving towards you, not uncaring and cold. She’s the last one you want to be against you, especially if you’re still living together with the family.

There is usually competitiveness in a sister relationship; one is prettier, one is smarter or more gifted athletically, and so on. Parents often unwittingly contribute to this competition by comparing one to another, and often one sister perceives that she is not the favorite daughter – whether she is correct or mistaken is irrelevant. If the relationship between the sisters is supportive and caring, then this shouldn’t be a problem, but it can also lead to a resentment that lasts for years. Parents should avoid making comparisons between siblings, but especially between daughters.

My granddaughters are fraternal twins who are not in the least bit alike in any way. We all try very hard to praise both of them, even when one has performed better than the other; and we hope it kind of evens out at the end. Some days, they will play happily together for hours, and at other times, they spend the day trying to claw each other’s eyes out! We can only hope that as they grow older the childish fights will end.

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