Ideas For Friendship Tattoos To Celebrate Bonds With Special Friends


Ideas For Friendship Tattoos To Celebrate Bonds With Special Friends

Tattoos are one of the most amazing ways to pay tribute to the best friends in your life.

Tattoos are, after all, for the most part, permanent, and friendship tattoos are often considered symbolic of the bond that you and your friend have made through the years.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a guy and your friend is also a guy, you can get friendship tattoos that speak of your special bond. If you’re worried about what other people may say or think about the tattoos, then your tattoos can be something simple, something that only you two understand the reference to.

That’s the whole idea behind some of the best friendship tattoos: that other people won’t know the true significance of the tattoo, but that you and your friend do. And that’s what matters most. So here are a few ideas for friendship tattoos if you’re considering getting one.

While you don’t have to make a pact that both of you must get the tattoo, isn’t it more fun when you do?

The Chinese Symbol

Chinese symbols have become very popular for tattoos in the past twenty years. That’s because Chinese symbols are art in their own right. There are many words in Chinese that could have significance for you and your friend, or you can stick with the simple tradition of using the Chinese symbol for ‘friend.’

When you get one of these tattoos, you’re going to get asked questions about it a lot, though. What does it mean? Who is it for? And things like that. It can also be a great way to break the ice with someone new whom you meet.

Something of significance

Do you and your friend share something of significance? Was there a memory of something incredibly funny or powerful that happened in your life? Some people used to climb trees when they were young and they bonded with their friend through these activities. If that’s the case, then a picture of a small tree could be the perfect solution to your friendship tattoos.

For women, maybe they share a common bond through a special event in their life. Perhaps they know the date that they met their special friend. Anything that is significant to the two of you, something that if you saw a picture of you would both be thinking of the same exact thing and event in your life, is a great idea for a tattoo.


While guys won’t tend to be too keen on having another guy’s name tattooed on their body, women are a little different. Having your best friend’s name, or better yet their initials, tattooed on your body is a powerful act of friendship.

There are as many different ideas for friendship tattoos in the world as there are friendships. The key is to think about the bond that you two (or more) share together and how you can best represent that bond through a tattoo. When you think of the right idea, you’ll know it.

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