I Am So Bored! What Can I Do To Beat Boredom?


I Am So Bored! What Can I Do To Beat Boredom?

I don’t remember ever saying, “I am so bored.” I don’t understand how people can be bored.

Can they not read? Don’t they have any hobbies? Have any favorite music to listen to? Maybe they don’t have a computer. I don’t know how anyone can have a computer and be bored! There is so much to learn online, so many games to play, and tons of information about any activities in the local area.

Don’t just sit there, do something!

Think of a friend who hasn’t been in contact with you for a while – either write him or her an email or pick up a pen and paper and actually write a letter! Better still, pick up the phone and call to see how they are. I’m sure you must have some news to tell before “I am so bored” became your catch-phrase.

You probably feel too bored to be bothered to do anything; you’d rather sit there and moan, “I am so bored”.

Go to the local library and check out a good book – something you think might possibly alleviate the boredom. Or pick up a movie to watch; perhaps an oldie that you’d like to see again.

If you’re so bored, go to the craft store and see if you can find something that will interest you. Do you have tons of photos that need to be sorted out? Buy some scrapbooking supplies and get started. Maybe you have a lot of old family pictures that really should be scanned and saved on the computer – why not use them for inspiration to write your family history?

Take your camera and go for a walk. Go to the park and take photos of people having fun, or trees, or flowers, or squirrels. If you can’t get to a park, then check out nearby buildings for interesting architectural details – you can print them out in black and white and frame them for cheap artwork for your home.

If your “I am so bored” situation seems to be set in for the long haul, why not consider taking a class at your local night school or craft store? Learn to sew or knit, learn a new language, try yoga, tai chi or karate. Learn how to use new computer software to improve your job prospects; there are so many things you could do!

You could ‘shop’ online. Go to your favorite store and make a wish list – you don’t have to actually buy anything, just make a list of things you’d like to have. Check out eBay and look at all the items for sale – you can easily spend hours looking at things you’ll never need – but it’s fun to look! Sign up for Facebook and see what your friends are doing today. Look for free game sites on the internet and while away a couple of hours playing silly games or games of skill.

If the weather’s fine, go out into the garden and commune with Nature. Maybe you have a favorite seat or hammock that you can chill out in. Or get physical and do some weeding or transplant some flowers. If you’re working hard in the yard, you won’t be saying, “I am so bored” anymore.

Don’t be bored with your life because you can’t think of anything to do. Get up. Get going. Do something! Chase those “I am so bored” blues away.

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