How To Stop A Divorce – Saving Your Marriage


How To Stop A Divorce – Saving Your Marriage

Things just haven’t been going well in your marriage lately. You found that you and your spouse were fighting all the time, both of you were unhappy, and you separated.

You have been talking about divorce, but you are wondering if this is the right path to take. Neither you nor your spouse seems to really want a divorce; however, you don’t want to continue in a bad relationship either.

What are some options? How can you make the relationship work? Here are some tips on how to stop a divorce that may help salvage your marriage and make it stronger.

First tip for how to stop a divorce, is to open the lines of communication. The majority of problems in most marriages stem from the fact that couples simply don’t talk to each other. They keep their feelings bottled up, or they don’t have time to talk to each other with the demands of work and family.

If you wish to learn how to stop a divorce, start by talking to your spouse about how you are feeling. When you are talking to your spouse, make sure that you focus on how you feel, not on what they did. You want to avoid making “you” statements and concentrate on “I” statements.

For example, you can say, “I want this marriage to work, but over the past few months, I’ve felt like we’ve lost touch.” In this way, you are not being accusing; you are simply stating what you feel. When you start making accusations, your partner is less likely to talk to you. In fact, your spouse will probably turn defensive and conflicts will likely result.

Second tip for how to stop a divorce, is to think about what it is you both want out of a relationship. Remember, there was something there that worked at the beginning. Examine how the relationship was when you first met. Look at the relationship through the years and try to identify the things that happened that changed the relationship. If there were issues such as infidelity or other betrayals of trust, it can be very difficult to look beyond those problems; however, it is possible to rebuild a strong relationship even after infidelity.

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