How To Manage Anger And Keep Your Temper Under Control


How To Manage Anger And Keep Your Temper Under Control

Do you often lose control and lash out at people, either verbally or physically? If so, you need to take steps to deal with your rage and learn how to manage anger.

There are many techniques you can use to curb your temper – from taking a ‘time out’ to forcing yourself to walk away from confrontational situations or taking an anger management course.

Taking a ‘time out’ to manage anger – force yourself to take a deep breath and count to ten. This method for how to manage anger may seem a little clich├ęd and simplistic, but it really works. Say and do nothing while you’re doing this; simply look at whoever is the source of your anger and let them wait it out while you calm yourself down.

Anger is the response you feel when you are frustrated in dealing with someone or are forced into a situation that is uncomfortable to you. You feel you can’t control the situation, so your anger erupts. Practicing yoga is a way of helping to manage anger; through yoga, you learn to be in charge of your feelings at all times.

Physical activity is another way of helping you with how to manage anger, by providing an outlet for your feelings and frustrations. If you’re mad at your partner or child, spend some time punching a bag at the gym instead of him or her! Try to learn the skills you need to control your temper and manage your anger.

Here’s another tip on how to manage anger – try not to hold a grudge. Harboring resentment and anger is very harmful to you – you have to learn to forgive and to let go of past real or imagined offenses. Remember that nobody ever ‘always’ or ‘never’ does something, as in “You are never there when I need you!”, or “You always say that about me!” If you find yourself saying these things, then you need to find a way to manage your anger.

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