Getting Over a Break Up – Tips to Help You Cope, Heal and Move On


Getting Over a Break Up – Tips to Help You Cope, Heal and Move On

Do you need some help with getting over a break up?

It’s almost inevitable at some point in your life that you’ll experience a break up. Relationships just don’t always work out and, in fact, more than half of marriages end in divorce.

Getting over a break up is not easy and it takes time for the wounds to heal, but it is possible to move on and experience joy again.

Break ups affect people differently, but the most common emotions that occur are shock, grief, anger, and sadness. The first emotion usually felt is shock, because whether it’s you, your partner, or a mutual ending of the relationship, the reality of it really being “over for real” is a shock and not easy to accept.

The next emotion that normally appears is grief. The depth of grief will be different for everyone, but nonetheless, a feeling of loss will be experienced. Grief can run havoc on your emotional and physical health. It is common to cry often, become depressed, and lose your appetite when you go through a break up.

Grief sometimes leads to self-pity and blaming yourself for the break up, even if it was your decision. Questions like, “What did I do wrong?” and, “What is wrong with me?” go through your head. Feeling sorry for yourself is common when getting over a break up, but at some point, you must begin to rise from your self-pity and move on.

Let me assure you that getting over a breakup is possible. Even though you may feel that it is the end of your world, it is not. Yes, it is a very painful time and you will experience all sorts of difficult emotions such as grief and anger, but in time, you ought to be able to cope with the situation in positive ways and feel better.

If you are experiencing more than you think you can handle, it would be wise to talk about your emotions with a friend, family member, or even a professional. Discussing the situation is important in getting over a break up as it allows another person to give you insight, because you may not be seeing things clearly.

Getting over a break up will take time. Depending on the situation and how attached you were to your partner, the time can be relatively short, or it can take a long time. It is important to begin focusing on you and your life. Remember that a person cannot “make” you happy, but happiness comes from inside.

Perhaps it’s time to think about what interests you and get out there and get involved with activities that you’re passionate about. Sitting at home thinking about how terrible you feel or how lonely you are will not help you. You will have to force yourself to do something different.

Perhaps you’ve found your identity in your mate and have lost sight of who you really are. Take some time and re-discover who you are and what makes you tick. Volunteer your time and resources to help others and get your focus off of yourself for a while. In no time, you’ll be thinking less and less about the break up and more and more about your bright future pursuing things you are passionate about.

Again, please bear in mind that getting over a break up is definitely doable – you just need to give yourself time, and be gentle with yourself.

Take care!

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