Depicting True Peace With a Picture


Depicting True Peace With a Picture

Have you ever thought about what true peace entails?

If you were asked to paint a picture, either on canvas or in your mind, which best represented or depicted true peace, what would you draw?

The quiet seaside during sunset; the cool, crisp salty air; the sound of waves lapping at the shore; pristine beaches lining the shoreline; coconut trees swaying with the cool evening breeze; the orange sun merging with the horizon; your feet sinking into the pure, white, fine sand – that’s a pretty peaceful setting, isn’t it?

How about the forest? Greenery all around; the sound of birds chirping plus an orchestra of crickets in the background; little rays of sunshine find their way through the upper canopy and land on the ground around you; the musty smell of the wet forest floor; a nearby stream meandering through rocks, making its way from higher to lower ground – this sounds like another very peaceful place to be transported to.

Let’s go back to the sea. But now, let’s go out to the open sea. Imagine the huge, light blue ocean all around you, calm and still; overhead are clear skies; the friendly morning sun shines upon you, bringing warmth yet not enough heat for discomfort; and there you are, lying relaxed in a sampan – peace, indeed.

You could be perched on top of a mountain, seated crossed legged as you look down upon a hillside town, far away and quiet. You could be meditating in an empty room. Or you could even be floating on the clouds.

What are your pictures of true peace?

Now, imagine this scenario – there is a cliff, and all around, Mother Nature is angry. There is a huge storm, complete with heavy rains, howling winds, lightning and thunder. The sky is overcast, and the waves of the sea thrash violently and ceaselessly onto the rocks. This is a scene that could be described as the opposite of peace.

Then, within a little cove in the side of the mountain, sits a little bird, perhaps a sparrow, or perhaps a dove. It sings a little song, and it seems oblivious to the violence and anger churning all around it. Or maybe it just isn’t affected by all that. Because it’s at peace.

More often than not, our ideas of peace stem from the external. But true peace is internal. Of course, the external environment does matter to our happiness, sanity and wellbeing. However, there is no greater and truer peace than what exists within us. Because what is inside you is yours and yours alone, and no one can ever easily take it away.

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