Cute Best Friend Poems To Celebrate Special Friendships


Cute Best Friend Poems To Celebrate Special Friendships

Best friends are hard to come by. Most people only have very few in their lifetime, and you may wish to use the gift of poetry – there are some cute best friend poems below – to express your feelings to them.

Best friends are there for you no matter what or even if the distance between you is great. Best friends care, share, and go the extra mile to make you feel pretty special. I don’t know what I would do without my best friend by my side on this life journey.

If you have a best friend, delight in them and let them know how very special they are to you. Consider buying a card and writing one or two of the following cute best friend poems in it to express your gratefulness to your best friend today.

Bestest Friends Ever

We laugh together
We cry together
We stay up all night talking

We shop till we drop
We give each other props
Encourage and inspire

I’m so grateful that
We’ve never had a spat
We are the bestest friends ever

You’re The Best

Just so you know
As far as friends go
You’re the best
Forget the rest

You’re stuck with me and I with you
So you know what we’ll do?
We’ll travel the world day by day
Best friends forever; come what may

Best Friends

You’re my best friend and I love you
You’re always there for me
You listen, you care, and you share
You inspire me and help me see

Thank you for all you do
I love to hang out and play
We laugh, live, and enjoy life
I hope it will forever be this way

Amazing Friend

I prayed for a best friend
God did send
Tried and true
Till the end
Forever and ever

Thank You

I’m lucky to have you for a friend
I’m with you till the end

You’ve been so good to me
Our friendship has blossomed beautifully

Thank you, my dear friend
For all that you do

You’re Awesome

I might not tell you enough
How very special you are
Not many friends are as awesome as you
For me you’d go near and far

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Your love means so much to me
We’re going to share this great life
Just you wait and see

I Have To Say

The grass is green.
An elephant is gray.
You’re the bestest friend ever,
I just have to say.

What Best Friends Do

Best friends stay up all night letting you cry on their shoulder.
Best friends bring you chicken soup when you’re sick.
Best friends laugh when you do something silly.
Best friends like to play around and pick.

Best friends shop with you till you drop.
Best friends buy you Starbucks just for fun.
Best friends cheer you up when you’re sad.
Best friends tell you you’re the only one.

Best friends stick and stay no matter what.
Best friends feel free to tell you every secret.
Best friends are hard to come by,
Thank you, my best friend, for all that you are.

Did you enjoy the above cute best friend poems? Now perhaps you could get down to writing your own cute best friend poems to celebrate a special friendship.

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