Conflict Resolution Activities You Could Use To Deal With Conflict


Conflict Resolution Activities You Could Use To Deal With Conflict

Conflict resolution activities can be helpful – conflict, after all, is bound to happen in your life at times, but it does not have to be a stumbling block for you or others.

Whether it’s an argument between you and your spouse or dissention between you and your boss, there are ways to cope with conflict that will ultimately strengthen your relationship.

Conflicts can vary in severity. Some conflicts can be quite small, while others may pose great harm to another. For example, if your friend insults you and you have an argument because of it, that is one type of conflict. A more serious conflict may be two people caught up in road rage, screaming and even possibly resorting to physical violence.

When you find yourself facing conflict, know that you are dealing with your emotions and perceptions. Conflict brings emotions to the surface and your perception of the situation is important because you have the ability to change it from negative to positive.

Let’s say that your teenage daughter comes to you and asks you to make her an appointment to go on birth control. This will probably get your emotions and feelings going and, based on your perspective, your reaction may involve conflict or not. If your perspective is that you’re glad your daughter can come to you and be open, as well as be responsible in protecting herself against an unwanted pregnancy, then the chances are low that conflict will occur. On the other hand, if your perception is that your daughter is out of her mind and you are a bad parent if you consent to birth control, some conflict may occur.

When it comes to conflict resolution activities, a great conflict resolution tool is what I like to call “process time.” When something happens and you find yourself in a conflict with someone, or even a potential conflict, take some time to process the situation and your feelings. It may be five minutes, three hours, or a day or two.

Allow yourself to process and evaluate the situation and give time to process your feelings. You may even want to discuss the situation with a friend or journal about it to get it out. Process time helps people from saying or doing something that they may regret in the heat of the moment.

Need more ideas for conflict resolution activities? Another effective conflict resolution skill is communication. If you are lacking in communication skills, continue to work on them. Being able to discuss feelings and such during a conflict is important. Many people get upset and refuse to talk. They may even walk out and slam the door. Some are the opposite and may scream at the top of their lungs at the person they are in conflict with.

You can learn to communicate in a calm and respectful manner if you will make it a point to and continue growing in this area. I remember years ago I could not discuss anything during a conflict and I would walk away. It took me lots of practice to be able to stay in the same room and discuss my feelings with someone to try to come to a solution.

Other conflict resolution activities and ideas include prayer and meditation, counseling, and reading or listening to inspirational literature. You can educate yourself on this topic and become adept at resolving conflict in positive ways.

More ideas for conflict resolution activities and strategies can be found on other pages on this website.

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