Causes Of Low Self Esteem – Possible Factors Behind Low Self Worth


Causes Of Low Self Esteem – Possible Factors Behind Low Self Worth

Everyone goes through periods in life where they don’t feel good about themselves. When we hit lows in life, we doubt our ability to do things or even our self worth. Our self esteem takes a hit and we wonder what we can do to feel better.

One way to combat this is to learn about the causes of low self esteem and how to deal with these causes. Since our self esteem is a key factor in how we see ourselves and how we react to life, it is important that we find ways to boost our self esteem.

There are many things that occur in a life that can cause low self esteem. The causes of low self esteem are as varied and unique as the individuals who experience them. Some of these include being neglected or abused, being exposed to constant or excessive criticism, appearance (and concerns about appearance), influence from family and peers, and other outside factors that impact a person’s life.

Childhood trauma has a major impact on self esteem. If a child experiences abuse or neglect during his or her formative years, the child will grow up with lower self esteem and a decreased ability to succeed at tasks. These children have a hard time developing trust, which is essential in establishing a positive support system. This positive support system is crucial in developing good self esteem.

One way to combat this is to get counseling for children who are being abused. If you’re an adult with a history of childhood abuse, seek assistance from a counselor to help you learn about your self worth and regain your self esteem. With professional help, you can learn to love yourself and not let the abuse being the defining characteristic about you. It will also help you learn to let go of the blame for things that were beyond your control.

Excessive criticism is another of the causes of low self esteem. When you are constantly exposed to someone telling you that something is not good enough, you develop low self esteem. Excessive criticism leads you to doubt your ability to accomplish anything.

One way to combat excessive criticism is to keep a list of affirmations with you at all times. Make a list of your accomplishments and look at that list when others tell you that you are not doing a good enough job.

What are other possible causes of low self esteem?

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