Cause And Effect Of Divorce – Some Common Factors


Cause And Effect Of Divorce – Some Common Factors

Divorce has become more and more common over the years due to various factors. This is unfortunate because with divorce usually comes pain for everyone involved. Here is a rundown of some common factors relating to the cause and effect of divorce.

Gaining some insight on the causes of divorce may help some marriages stay together if they become more aware or problems and work on these issues before they get to a point where one or both wants a divorce.

Before getting married, there are a lot of expectations that people have, but some or many of those expectations are not met, thus, causing disappointment or resentment. It is easy to have this grand idea of what marriage will be, but it does not always turn out the way we think.

A leading cause of divorce is lack of communication. It is very important for both spouses to be able to communicate with each other about many different things. Sometimes it is harder for men to talk and / or listen and women often feel like their feelings go unheard by their spouses. This puts a block in the communication in the marriage and problems can occur.

Couples can learn to communicate more effectively, which increases the likelihood of the marriage lasting. Professional help is always a good choice to learn how to communicate better and work on growing as a couple.

Another cause of divorce is financial issues, such as not having enough money, control issues over spending money, irresponsibility, hiding finances from each other, and a difference in financial status. It is very important for couples to discuss financial issues before they are married, as well as during the marriage.

Communication is the first step to resolving financial issues, so it is advisable to periodically sit down and bring the topic up. Discuss how things are going financially, bring up any negative feelings you have about the financial situation, and come up with solutions if a problem exists.

Marital infidelity is another leading cause of divorce. When one spouse cheats on the other, it causes great distress in the marriage. Trust is broken and hearts are broken. Even if the person cheating stops and vows to never do it again, the marriage still can end in divorce because it is often very hard to trust that person again.

Other causes of divorce range from verbal abuse, alcohol and drug addictions, sexual problems, and incompatibility. After divorce, it is said that women tend to heal and move on faster than men. Men tend to have a more difficult time adjusting emotionally, don’t rely on help as often, struggle more financially, and wrestle with parenting roles. Women tend to rely more on some sort of support system, feel some sort of relief, and adapt quicker to new roles.

Divorce tends to hurt parents and children alike. It is oftentimes a very painful time in everyone’s life and can take years to feel like life is back on track again. With the increase in divorce, it is wise for pre-married couples to get pre-marital counseling and keep abreast on the factors that can lead to divorce.

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